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Abell-Howe is known for the extensive engineering that goes into their products, making them one of our preferred suppliers of jib cranes.

Jib cranes are a very versatile type of crane that can be used in challenging spaces for which an overhead crane may not be feasible. They typically consist of a support pillar with a cantilever arm that contains the hoisting mechanism attached to the top. The manufacturing, petrochemical, and transportation industries all use jib cranes extensively in a wide range of applications. Abell-Howe produces jib cranes with a lifting capacity of up to 5 tons in wall mounted or base mounted pillar configurations. With the capability to rotate 360°, jib cranes are capable of serving a large work area while taking up relatively little space in the facility.

At Overhead Crane & Conveyor Services we use only the highest quality cranes and equipment from the most reputable brands in the industry whose values align our focus on quality and integrity. For over 75 years, Abell-Howe has been known for their reliable products and innovative engineering. By using premium quality parts and equipment that are manufactured by suppliers who have a strong history in the material handling industry, we are able to provide customers with the best service and most reliable material handling systems possible.