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At Overhead Crane & Conveyor Service Corp, we employ and contract some of the most qualified and experienced personnel in the industry. We are a 24 hour service company, and always respond to our customers’ requests in a timely manner—usually within just a few hours. Many members of our staff have a long and distinguished history with the company. Our lead technician/construction supervisor, for example, has been with us since 1994 and continues to serve as an invaluable resource.

We pride ourselves on our deep knowledge of the industry and our overall experience, and it shows at every level of customer service. When customers contact us, we always try to troubleshoot equipment issues over the phone, first. If the issue is something minor, such as a fuse or a loose wire, we save customers time and money by solving the situation during the initial conversation. When talking the problem through is not an option, we send out a member of our team to solve the problem in whatever timeframe our clients require.

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