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Budgit produces lines of both electrically powered and manual chain hoists that are carefully engineered to provide strength and reliability at the lowest possible costs.

Manual hoists are designed to provide smooth operation and can be easily relocated as needed, making them an excellent choice for facilities that intermittently require the use of a hoist in numerous different locations.

This design is especially useful in off-vertical and other rigging applications. Manual hoists are available in 0.25 ton to 6 ton models, all of which are equipped with overload protection.

Electrically powered hoists manufactured by Budgit are available with a lifting capacity up to 3 tons and are backed by a lifetime warranty. The rugged cast aluminum alloy housing used on electric hoists is designed to ensure proper gear and bearing alignment for smooth, reliable operation. Hoists are also available in spark resistant, explosion proof, and food grade models to fit specialized applications. At Overhead Crane & Conveyor Service Corp, we focus on providing customers with the maximum value which means finding the highest quality cranes and components at the lowest prices. Budgit brand products allow us to meet the criteria for projects that call for either manual or electrically powered hoists in the less than 6 ton lifting capacity range.