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Chester Hoist is another partner company who has a long history and strong reputation in the hoist manufacturing industry.

Chester manufactures a combination on standard and custom manual, electric, and pneumatic hoists that are designed to meet a range of budgets and lifting applications. Standard hook, twin hook, army type, and low headroom trolley style manual chain hoists are available in numerous loading capacities and configurations. Chester focuses on providing a robust selection of versatile hoists at competitive prices. To achieve this, they use numerous heat treated steel components, precision bearings, and rugged machined cast iron trolley wheels. Chester’s Zephyr swivel truck low headroom model is especially useful for situations in which tight curves or low ceiling heights are unavoidable.

Both electric chain and electric wire rope hoist models feature a worm gear drive for quiet and smooth operation. Worm gears not only offer quiet and reliable operation, the system acts as a natural secondary braking system because the nature of the drive limits the gear set’s ability to backdrive. Chester manufactures electric chain hoists with a loading capacity of up to 25 tons and electric wire rope hoists with a lifting capacity of up to 15 tons. Numerous special configurations are also available to accommodate unique loading applications such as large rolls.