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R&M Materials Handling Inc. produces premium quality manual chain and wire rope hoists that are capable of lifting up to 80 tons and 10 tons, respectively. Manual chain hoists feature galvanized grade 80 alloy steel chain with heat treated alloy steel hooks. An overload mechanism prevents operators from attempting to hoist loads beyond the rated capacity. These hoists can easily be adapted to fit most existing equipment for upgrades or retrofit projects.

Wire rope hoists include a two-speed motor and sealed brakes, resulting in a very low maintenance system that operates simply and reliably.


The enclosed trolley drive includes permanently lubricated bearings and an innovative design that reduces the stress on wear components, maximizing the life of the motor. An electromechanical load limit switch prevents operators from lifting loads beyond 110% of the hoist’s rated capacity.

We use R&M equipment because it is high quality and includes modern technology without the addition of unnecessary features that add to the cost of the hoist but do little to increase productivity or performance. Both manual chain hoists and wire rope hoists are available in low-headroom configurations, affording us more options when designing crane systems for existing structures. The combination of value and flexibility makes the products produced by R&M Materials Handling Inc. an excellent choice for a wide range of projects.