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Soon after its founding in the mid 1800’s the Yale brand became synonymous with high quality material handling products. That reputation continues today, and the Yale wire rope and chain hoists we use are guaranteed to meet the most stringent quality standards in the industry.

Yale manual chain hoists are manufactured using hardened Hoistaloy high strength steel chain and forged liftwheel pockets that facilitate easy lifting and smooth operation. Chain hoists are available in a wide range of capacities from 0.25 tons to 10 tons and are designed with the most interchangeable parts in the industry. The interchangeability of parts combined with a rugged low-maintenance design lead to a very low cost of ownership.

Powered chain hoists are manufactured in numerous configurations including compact and heavy duty models to suit a range of environments and lifting applications. A multiple disc breaking system ensures precise stopping of large loads and the heavy duty motor provides enough power to lift loads easily in even the harshest operating environments. Yale also produces premium quality wire rope hoists in double girder, monorail, trolley configurations with numerous mounting options available within each category. Vector controls provide the most accurate method of controlling the motor for precision motion control of the hoist. These options give us the ability to select the ideal hoist type, capacity, and features for any given application.