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STAHL CraneSystems

Built on over a century’s worth of experience in the design and manufacturing of cranes, STAHL provides some of the highest quality crane components available anywhere. At Overhead Crane & Conveyor Service Corp, we use STAHL brand wire rope and chain hoists in many of our installations.

STAHL wire rope hoists are capable of lifting over 350,000 lbs. and are designed for years’ of use with minimal maintenance. By focusing on every detail of the hoist, STAHL has been able to produce wire rope hoists that last far longer than the average hoist and provide exceptionally smooth operation with precise starting and braking through the lift of the hoist.

The chain hoists produced by STAHL CraneSystems are compact for their strength and are available with lifting capacities from 500 lbs. to 44,000 lbs. Chain hoists are available in a wide range of standard and specialty configurations, including those for installations with limited headroom. The ability to select a stock design, even in situations that require an unusual set-up, allows us to expedite the fabrication and installation of a custom crane system.

We continue to stay at the forefront of lifting and hoisting technology in order to provide customers with a complete selection of solutions to fit their given application.