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As a designer, manufacturer, and installer of custom crane systems for a wide range of customers, at Overhead Crane & Conveyor Service Corp, it is essential for us to have a reliable, cost-competitive supplier for OEM parts and equipment.

Columbus McKinnon is comprehensive supply house who has been distributing cranes, parts, and related accessories for over 135 years. Often, we are able to complete projects within very tight deadlines that other custom crane manufacturers could never meet. This is not only a result of our experience and extensive training; it is due to the relationships we have built with suppliers who have the ability to provide the needed inventory quickly.

Columbus McKinnon carries Yale, Budgit, Chester Hoist, and several other preferred OEM brands that we use on a routine basis. Relying on only one or two brands for equipment and parts would limit the number of configurations and designs we could provide to customers. Since many projects require fitting crane systems into unique and challenging spaces or the lifting of unusual loads, it is critical to have a wide breadth of products from which to choose. We continue to maintain relationships with a variety of OEM partners in order to provide customers with the best possible service, and Columbus McKinnon is a significant portion of our ability to do so.